Step 3/5


Your Hero Journey begins right here!


We have set up an entire ‘Hero course’ for you which consist of 10 different areas.


1. Business / Career / Mission: What do you do with your time to make money?

2. Finances and Wealth: Managing and growing your money.

3. Friends and Family: Important platonic relationships.

4. Health, Fitness & Energy: Exercise and nutrition.

5. Love Life: Significant other.

6. Emotional Health, Meaning & Mindset: Feelings and purpose.

7. Physical Environment / House / Location: Your physical location i.e. your house, city, state, country, and environment in that location.

8. Mastery of Time / Productivity & Performance: Manages your time and focus.

9. Fun & Excitement: What excites you in life?

10. Consistent Growth: If you don’t grow you die.


Those areas are the same areas which you can find in your Hero Wheel Course.

In order to find out which ares in your life you would like to improve on, give each area a score between 1 – 10. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. Which ever area has the lowest score, that’s the are where you should ideally be focussing on first.

To do the exercise, take the interactive quiz or download your personal Hero Wheel.

After that’s done, take a tour around our platform! 🙂