The Big Launch

The Life & Biz Mastery Online Summit


21-24 June 2020


Limited Spots Available: Do you want to live a happier and more fulfilled life? Are you feeling you could do so much better if you just had the right tools or support system which helps you to get to that next level?


8 expert speakers and one artist will come in for our first-ever launch at The Biz Heroes who will teach you the magic tools they use on a day to day basis themselves in order to maintain high happiness and satisfaction in life & and in business.


Meet The Speakers & Check out the Incredible Line-Up

Rachel will be leading a powerful opening ceremony to set the stage for you to have the best possible experience of the summit.

Her session will incorporate left brain and right brain techniques to create the perfect conditions for you to get as much out of the week as possible.

We will start with relaxation techniques to facilitate a receptive state of mind, followed by powerful intention setting and finally a short sound bath to release any internal blocks and resistance that could prevent you from accessing and absorbing ALL the inspiration and information that you desire.

21st of June 

6 PM Vietnam – 12 PM London – 7 AM New York

During his entrepreneurial journey in a highly pressurized environment, he uncovered the art and science of peak performance which enabled him to take his business off the ground. By utilizing his results-driven approach, he was able to help free many other entrepreneurs from the constant stress and overwhelm that came with growing a business while working a full-time job.

While he’s able to enable himself and others to turn their passions into profit and to live the lifestyle they desire, he started from a journey full of struggle and many, many failed attempts.

By the age of 24, he was able to discover the secrets to peak performance, allowed him to grow his business without overwhelm and take all other areas of his life to new heights.

21st of June – Michael Yeung

8 PM Vietnam – 2 PM London – 9 AM New York

He will explain the secret leverage for you to transform your everyday routines into actions that magnetize your dream life and business.

You will learn how to develop and maintain unstoppable success habits, even if you have less discipline than a 3-year-old kid who accidentally drank a can of Redbull.

You will walk away with a simple strategy that allows you to get ‘in the zone’ on-demand and effortlessly crush through your to-do list.

By the end of this masterclass, you will know how to stop procrastinating (finally) and regain full control over your time & energy like an elite athlete.

Jason is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Alternative Medicine Practitioner and Certified Coach. He is one of a handful of Mental Health Professionals to carry Neuro Emotional Technique’s Level 3 Certification from thousands of NET practitioners around the world. His training as a therapist has led him to become a Certified Entrepreneur Coach, additionally focusing on family businesses and young professionals who are looking to minimize their stress and maximize their potential with simplicity and clarity. He uses a “Lifestyle By Design” approach to setting and reaching goals with all of his clients.

He has led workshops, retreats and conferences on topics including Mind/Body Psychology, Performance Enhancement, Business Spirituality and Alternative Medicine and is the owner of The Family Room Wellness Associates, an online mind-body integrative health-focused practice in South Florida. Jason has coaching clients all over the world that he sees virtually and is the host of the You Winning Life Podcast.

21st of June – Jason Wasser

9 PM Vietnam – 3 PM London – 10 AM New York

As business owners, we tend to overlook the emotional side of our business. The average person is bombarded by thousands of GB of data per day.

How we sift and sort through that depends on our ability to have self-care balanced with our intellectual capacity.

Learn how to minimize your stress while optimizing your potential so you can learn to be a better entrepreneur, loved one and human.

Learn how understanding basic neurology can allow you to become better at every aspect of your life and how your fight or flight response are keeping you playing small.

Kristen is a certified life passion coach, motivational speaker, and personal development expert. She combines her bachelors in organizational communication and master’s in applied psychology to train multi-passionate women to create the business of their dreams with confidence and clarity.

Kristen knows women have enough pressure from society on how to define their roles. Through her work, she helps them create their own success, by turning passion into cash. She specializes in establishing priorities, shifting mindsets and embracing productivity through her Unlock Method.

Kristen leads women to fulfilment as they take actions and share the natural gifts they offer the world as they “Sweeten life and stay strong like coffee.”

22nd of June – Kristen Edwards

9 PM Vietnam – 3 PM London – 10 AM New York

Passion to Know and Grow yourself

Kristen will be supporting the idea of the Hero Wheel and will emphasise on the topic of the importance of growth.

In her presentation she will be focussing on the value of personality assessments, journaling as a creative habit, and planning strategically to achieve your desired outcome.

These three areas bring massive confidence and give clarity as life and business connect each part of us.

Rosie helps coaches & lightworkers get clear on their message, create killer confidence & get VISIBLE online.

She has a masters in positive psychology and coaching psychology as well as yoga and meditation qualifications, to really help you master your mindset and reach your potential.

Rosie has been personally trained by a 7-figure online business coach (who is CRUSHING IT) in mindset and marketing and coaches hundreds of online business owners as part of her team of coaches.

Rosie has over 6 years of experience working online, blogging, teaching, coaching and course creating.

22nd of June – Rosie Peacock

8 PM Vietnam – 2 PM London – 9 AM New York

Rosie will be talking about positive psychology and how you can apply this into your business.

She will be covering topics like knowing your character strengths and how to increase motivation at work / in your business.



Michael is passionate to help entrepreneurs’ level up their approach to finances, and take control of their future.

This starts with empowering owners to create a profitable business that provides stability and security for them, so they can help others.

Michael is leading the team at Bean Ninjas Money Mindset. Their mission is to help clients grow profitable businesses, developing a focused mindset on the clear steps to achieve their financial goals.

23rd of June – Michael Wark

6 PM Vietnam – 12 PM London – 7 AM New York

Are you struggling to become consistently profitable, or looking to accelerate your growth?

Unlock the hidden potential in your business!

Michael will cover FIVE critical areas you need to consider right now:

1) Cashflow: how to get more cash in your bank right now

2) Profit: The important levers you can pull in your business to become more profitable

3) Debt: How to bust your debt

4) Tax: how to avoid owing the government a huge tax bill you can’t pay

5) Paying Yourself: how to work out the optimum level to pay yourself.

Join his talk and you will be walking away with a 90 day game plan!

Andre started his career as a profiler and psychological operations consultant for the Armed Forces, and he now uses those exact same skills as a marriage coach for professional men and women.

With over 12 years of real-life experience, he frequently speaks as a featured guest on countless podcasts, interviews and speaking engagements on the topic of helping individuals take charge and save their relationships, even if their partner isn’t currently on board.

23rd of June – Andre Santos

8 PM Vietnam – 2 PM London – 9 AM New York

In his presentation, Andre will teach you the exact steps & frameworks which will help you to eliminate arguments about money and finances, gain unwavering faith and unconditional support from those you love most in all your entrepreneurial endeavours; build rock-solid, judgement-free relationships in only 10 minutes per day; and read minds, anticipate needs and solve problems in your personal or professional relationships before they even come up.

Lena Lang worked in the fields of finance, education, and non-profit before starting her journey as a professional communication coach. With roots in Ukraine and a maple-leaf heart, this Asia-based nomad is dedicated to bringing the world together one transformational conversation at a time.

Having grown up between two cultures, Lena had to do a lot of soul searching to figure out who she was and what she wanted from her relationships with others. Her lifelong desire to understand human nature as it pertains to collaboration led her to pursue a B.A in Psychology and certification in the field of Human Resource Management. Over the course of her career she has used her knowledge and life experiences to empower job seekers, students, and at risk teens. She learned that we are at our most vulnerable when we want to ask for something important and fell in love with being the person who helps people do just that.

23rd of June – Lena Lang

7 PM Vietnam – 1 PM London – 8 AM New York

5 steps to prepare for a tough conversation

Do you have a tough conversation that you have been putting on the back burner? Whether your tough conversation is with friends, family members or coworkers, this talk will give you the tools to get in the right mindset to finally address the elephant in the room.

Some key takeaways will include:

– caring for yourself before, during, and after the conversation
– aligning your intention(s) with words and actions
– managing the logistics involved in organizing and integrating tough conversations

Aleshia Kellerman is a mom of 3 boys, Health Coach, Nutrition Expert and founder of the Back2Basics

product line and Program called: Clever Eating Gets Results. Her passion is to help busy entrepreneurs

finally get to their health goals through ‘clever eating’ and hormone stabilization that is sustainable

within their busy lifestyle.

24th of June – Aleshia Kellerman

8 PM Vietnam – 2 PM London – 9 AM New York

I will share the fundamental game-changers in food and nutrition that can change your life! Also, easy steps HOW to start implementing it and take back control of our health. I will talk about the best approach to boost your health, build strong immunity, use emotional / stress eating to propel you towards reaching your health goals, have more energy, be more productive and enjoy a longer, happier life!

These incredible strategies (some top secrets I only share with my paying clients!!) are applicable for vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers, keto-diet followers and anyone else loving food!


The audience will walk away with knowing why they experience certain symptoms concerning health and how to address it. (for example Consistent, productive energy being non-existent in these stressful times. How to address it strategically). They will know how to identify their next step to get closer to their health goals.

Mads has more than 10 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies, such as Xerox and IBM, and more than 7 years of experience coaching and consulting online entrepreneurs.

He has also spoken at many larger events such as CMSEO, TiECon, DCBKK & DMSS Bali, SEO Spring Training & the Survive and Thrive Ecommerce Summit.

Mads currently owning and running 3 companies, and managing more than 100 people, he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

24th of June – Mads Singers

9 PM Vietnam – 3 PM London – 10 AM New York

Most business owners don’t start their business with years of prior management experience, which is often why many struggle, particularly the ability to delegate effectively is one of the major struggles with many of my clients.

Mads will help you understand:

– Why most business owners fail at delegation and keep working IN their business instead of ON their business

– How to delegate the right way

– How, What and When to delegate effectively

What’s the biggest fallback of being unable to delegate? It’s the difference between having a business and a glorified job.

If you are leaving your business for a month and it can’t run without you, you really don’t have a business, so let’s change that. Get ready to delegate!

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