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Welcome to The Biz Heroes Community

We are currently taking in the 2nd round of founding members, so if you see this page, you can consider yourself as very lucky! (LIMITED SPACES)


The inner circle for purpose-driven business people, coaches, consultants and online entrepreneurs who’ve committed to living their lives in full abundance, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally, and are changing this world to a better place.

I am SO excited for you to have taken the step to join our kick-ass business community.

From now on, life will never be the same.

Why? Let me take you for a quick tour.


Our epic accountability calls, online events and the challenges on our business and self-development platform have supported our members…

🦸‍♀️Gain more clarity in their vision 

🦸‍♀️Gain more confidence speaking in front of an audience

🦸‍♀️Expand their professional network 

🦸‍♀️Become a healthier version of themselves

🦸‍♀️Improve productivity 

🦸‍♀️Stick to their goals

🦸‍♀️Finish off projects

🦸‍♀️To have better relationships with their loved ones & friends

🦸‍♀️Increase their visibility online 

🦸‍♀️Find their perfect routine 

🦸‍♀️Prioritise and identify what needs immediate attention in their biz & life

🦸‍♀️Start podcasts and get crazy amounts of downloads

🦸‍♀️Create profitable online courses THAT SELL



Now let’s see if any of this sound familiar to you…

🦸‍♀️You start one project after the other and just can’t find yourself finishing even one of them… You wish you had some guidance on what is actually important to do right now…


🦸‍♀️You really tried so hard to achieve your goals this month, but then the human slothfulness was stronger than you were…You wish so badly you had an accountability partner…


🦸‍♀️You wish you had someone to talk to about your challenges, failures or even wins and bounce off some of the awesome ideas which keep you awake at night…


🦸‍♀️You could deal with more clarity in your business (or life in general) and more motivation…You are lacking the right tools to get there…


🦸‍♀️You have difficulties increasing your visibility and growth…you feel a lack of focus…You wish you had someone more successful than you are and share their strategies with you… 


🦸‍♀️You feel lonely and misunderstood by the people around you and you haven’t found your tribe yet…You wish you would be surrounded by people who ‘just get it’

Imagine this…


What if every move you took would be in full alignment with your life vision, with your overall goals… What if this could lead to a better, happier and more fulfilled life?


What if every penny you spent could increase your revenue and increase the amount of people you are about to impact with your awesomeness ?


Envision having instant access to over 110 premium challenges, dozens of expert trainings and accountability calls as well as the chance to expand your network, opportunities to create genuine connections which you need to maintain positive progress and levelling up on a consistent basis.

Don’t even get me started on our yearly Collective Challenge…


Yes, that’s right- once a year we meet up in person and embark on a challenge all together…

And of course, it’s not going to be boring. Our Collective Challenge event is there to (again) stretch your mind, help you grow and simultaneously connect with the community in person.

Depending on the votes of the community, we will visit places like Kilimanjaro, embark on a desert island survival camp, hang out at Burning Man, just to name a few examples. 

Destinations will be voted on by the community itself. 


Apply now to become part of The Biz Heroes Community – Your new favourite corner of the internet where you can grow and level up your business (and your life) with the magic of self-improvement & an incredible network. 

Can you embark on this journey alone? Potentially yes. But why would you do that? Why lose more time, money, energy and effort and choose the lonely route?

Our members are super successful and at the same time super down to earth. They have been featured in larger publications like:

Tina Dahmen


What else is in it for you?


The Biz Heroes will have you grown as a person faster than the speed of light (well ok, almost) and your business growing faster than your competitor’s.

Before we move on, I would like you to know:


TBH is an exclusive community and targeted to specific people only. Our community isn’t just open for everyone, we select our members carefully and have an application process in place.

All of our members are personally audited by our TBH team to make sure we only accept people who share the same values, have good intentions only and are ready to level up and benefit massively from being part of this inner circle.

We welcome people with open arms who are ‘ready’ to take their life & their business to the next level.

Our Next Events (August & September):

These are only some of the expert pieces of training you will get instant access to:


5 Steps to Optimal Health – Dr. Emil Goliath

Build a Successful Podcast in Today’s Market – Chris Reynolds

How to Build, Scale, and Sell an Online Service-Based Business – Tommy Joiner

The TOP 4 Strategies To Get Your Brand, Business Or Idea Known Without Spending Thousands On PR and Marketing – Simone Vincenzi

Making a Residual Income With Properties You Don’t Own – Sergio Mohar

5 Key Factors That Are Draining Your Business – Sam Barley

Work Less by Becoming a Zapier Automation Wizard – James Rose

The 3 P’s in Business: Purpose, Passion & Persistence – Steve Spiro

7 Steps to Be in the Media Every Week – Immy Tarique

The 5 biggest life hacks we should have been taught – Jordan Suber

Thrive In a Recession With the Right Mindset – Immy Tariq

Healthy Boundaries Equal Healthy Relationships – Lena Lang

Drop Anchor & Carry On: Therapy Skills To Use Everyday to Flourish – Dr Stuart Sadler

How to Sell and Engage With Your Content in 5 Easy Steps – Debora Luzi

How to Close Sales Conversations and Overcome Objection – Debora Luzi

Strategic Onboarding System – Annabelle Beckwith

All you need to know about Pinterest – Louise Cottrell


Please meet and connect with some of our members and find out what they think about The Biz Heroes

Natalia Vaduva

Natalia Vaduva

Integrative Psychotherapist



International Singer, Author & Podcaster

Jordan Suber

Jordan Suber

Speaker, Author and Marketing Magician

Michelle Retzlaff

Michelle Retzlaff

Web Developer, Online Business Tech Wizard

Emil Goliath

Emil Goliath

Doctor & Fitness Coach

Peter Comerford

Peter Comerford

Recruitment Agent

Steve Spiro

Steve Spiro

Investor, Founding Team of

Tina Dahmen

Tina Dahmen

Monetisation Wizard

Access to Secret Monthly Accountability Calls

(valued at $997)

Game-Changing Content Library with Dozens of Exclusive Trainings

(valued at $4997)

Access to Over 110 Premium Challenges

(valued at $1197)

Access to Uncensored Monthly 6+ Figure Expert Speakers (Live & Recorded)

(valued at $597)

Access to Private Facebook Group

(valued at $197)

Access to Private Discord Channel (24/7 )

(valued at $197)

Access to Supportive Accountability Partner


Access to Unforgettable In-Person Meet-Up


1-3 Speaking Gigs / Year 

(valued between $297 -  $891)

Social media Engagement Groups

(valued at $197)

That's a total value of $11,067 (included in your membership)

Aaaaand…. we are not done just yet! Did Someone Say Bonuses?

Bonus 1: Life & Biz Mastery Bundle (valued $1297) 

In those 8 Masterclasses you will learn:

The Biz Heroes Master Bundle

💭​ The secret leverage for you to transform your everyday routines into actions that magnetize your dream life and business


🧠 Basic neurology & how it can allow you to become better at every aspect of your life and how your fight or flight response are keeping you playing small


✍️Personality assessments, journaling as a creative habit, and planning strategically to achieve your desired outcome


💸 Become consistently profitable and accelerate your growth: Cashflow, profit, tax & paying yourself


🤑 Eliminate arguments about money and finances, gain unwavering faith and unconditional support from those you love most in all your entrepreneurial endeavours

💑 Build rock-solid, judgement-free relationships in only 10 minutes per day

👓 Read minds, anticipate needs and solve problems in your personal or professional relationships before they even come up


🗯️ 5 steps to prepare for a tough conversation


🥬 The fundamental game-changers in food and nutrition that can change your life, easy steps on HOW to start implementing it and take back control of our health


🥗 The best approach to boost your health, build strong immunity, use emotional / stress eating to propel you towards reaching your health goals, have more energy, be more productive and enjoy a longer, happier life! These incredible strategies are applicable for vegans, vegetarians, meat lovers, keto-diet followers and anyone else loving food!


👩‍🏫 How, what and when to delegate the right way and why most business owners fail at delegation and keep working IN their business instead of ON their business

($1,297 Value) 

Bonus 2: Exclusive Access to Tina & Reduced Rate ($200 OFF) on Her Signature Group Programme: Spend the next 3 months working closely with Tina and bring your service-based business online. She will guide you week by week and provide you with all the support you need to build an online presence, create, launch and sell an online course/programme successfully. Read more here.

($2500 Value) 

That’s a total value of $12,564 (included in your membership)

Apply now to get access to all of our hot membership perks:

These are some replies from our members of our anonymous survey…

If anything is unclear, or you have some burning questions, please check out our FAQ's below. 

Alternatively, please reach out to us via the live chat or email and we will answer all your questions.

What is The Biz Heroes Community?

The Biz Heroes is a private business community for coaches, consultants and online entrepreneurs. 

We will help you to get to the next level in business and in life in 30 days through challenges which are designed to create more time for you, and not to take any of it away.

Say goodbye to burnouts, unfinished projects, bad habits and hello to a balanced life, accountability, a new you and an incredibly supportive community.

Who is The Biz Heroes Membership for?

If you are someone who…

...has the perfect product, but could deal with more leads? a successful business person, but your health seems to suffer?
...could you deal with more clarity in your business (or life in general) and more motivation?
...wants to keep bettering yourself in all areas in life in order to keep showing up like a boss in front of their clients? really trying hard, but sometimes the human slothfulness is creeping in and you just won’t get stuff done on your own? In those moments, do you wish you had an accountability partner who would kick your sweet butt?
...wants to increase visibility, growth and focus? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have more fo that?
If so, then this membership is for you!
How do I know if TBH right for me?

We are attracting a certain type of personality. If you fit right in can only be found out through one way - when you are part of the community!

Our community is valuable regardless of how much money you are making or in which industry you are working in. We are focussing on business (specifically monetization) and self-development at the same time, which NO other community out there does. Crazy, I know!

If you understand you can't do everything on your own and are open to provide support and receive support along your journey, this business club is for you.

We value our members and the mantra this community lives by is to give and don't expect anything in return. This is not a pitch party, so if you are here to only pitch your products, we may potentially not be a good fit.

We love people who are committed to their promises and words, we love action takers and go-getters. The only way to find out if you fit right in is to give it a try!

How do you communicate?

We have a few different places where we communicate. We have a closed FB group as well as a private Discord channel. You will get access to both if you have signed up for the VIH (very important hero tier) or the Basic level, you will get access to the FB group only if you signed up for the Minimal membership.

Behind this platform we have countless hours of content (courses, masterclasses and over 100 challenges) for you prepared where you can leave comments, thoughts and inspirations in the comment boxes!

We also meet at least 3 times per month for virtual masterminds and accountability meet-ups on Zoom. This is also how we welcome our 6+ figures expert speakers. To be able to ask questions live, make sure you attend the live stream. If you can't make it for any reason, you can always catch the replay!

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership any time?

If you are able to upgrade or not depends on the opinion of the team behind The Biz Heroes. You will have to apply for this, as you will gain access to our network of high-level entrepreneurs and it's our duty to maintain 100% quality conversations within our community. 

You can't downgrade from the Basic Membership to The Minimal Membership. Once you are in - we don't 'downgrade' ANYTHING- that's just how we roll (and so 'should' you). 

Stick to your words, transfer it into all areas of your life and see it change. 

Do you have a money-back guarantee?
Yes absolutely! We do have a 14-days no questions asked money-back guarantee! So, you have nothing to loose and everything to gain! 🙂 
What makes The Biz Heroes different from other business communities?

We are the only business community out there who also focuses on self-development. 

Every successful entrepreneur has come to the conclusion that self-development is THE VITAL and NOT TO BE MISSED component which has brought them where they are at.

Yes, running a business is 80% mindset and only 20% of it is mechanics. It also means constantly developing yourself as an entrepreneur and it means doing the inner work, which is necessary to be able to lead your tribe in the right direction.

Can I hire Tina & the team for private sessions and support for my business?

Yes, absolutely. Tina runs group programmes specifically tailored for people who wish to create online courses as well as 1:1 sessions on how to monetize your online presence like a boss

How much personal attention will I get from Tina if I get accepted?

You will have the chance to have any burning questions answered during the monthly mastermind. This mastermind is designed to provide feedback on your work, provide advice and support to you and destroy the number 1 thing which is holding you back from moving on in your business. Every participant will get a 15 min hot seat and receives support from Tina and The Biz Heroes team. 

If you wish to work closely with Tina on a much more frequent basis to gain more attention and wish to have more guidance, you can apply for her "Monetize Your Presence Like a Boss" programme here


How much time will it need to invest monthly?

Again, all our challenges, accountability calls and expert trainings are designed to create MORE time in your life, and not take any of that. 

For the expert trainings & accountability call, you can calculate in 2-4 hours/month which will provide insights to you how to run your business more efficient and effective. 


See You on the Inside!